Cullinan Links Golf Club • Tee times

Cullinan Links Golf Club • Tee times

June 19, 2024
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Cullinan Links Golf Club • Tee times
Cullinan Links Golf Club, Golf Course and facilities
Cullinan Links Belek is a seamless opportunity for golf lovers who seek luxury and magnificence. Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, this brand new, 5-star hotel was designed to resemble the most marvellous diamond to ever exist. With an elite design, Cullinan Belek’s facilities demonstrate elegance and luxury. The ecological architecture and naturistic location, can form a therapeutic and serene atmosphere for guests.
Originally designed by the Architects of Hawtree Golf Course of the United Kingdom, Titanic Deluxe Belek Golf Club offered a 27-hole golf course, over 110 hectares of land. This gigantic course was prominently known as the first 27-hole golf course, with the potential to hold a 9-hole championship through 3 different selections – 27 variable holes selection. 
With the introduction of Cullinan Belek, the course was redesigned into a whopping 36-hole course by European Golf Design. The course is now split into multiple 18-hole championship courses, under the names of Aspendos and Olympos.
Cullinan Links Golf Clubhouse
The facilities include:
A pro-shop
2 Locker rooms (For men and women)
2 bars (indoor and outdoor/terrace with a view)
Swimming pool
Practise course 
Driving range
Putting green
The Cullinan Links Golf club applies to all types of golfers, providing exceptional training potential for amateurs and a scenic experience for professionals. The amazingly erratic scenery is perhaps the standout point for this course.
Placed between the two hotels, the Aspendos course provides a naturistic atmosphere, with pine forests and vividly green grassland covering the terrains. The Forest course is among the most popular golf courses in the Belek region, due to its peaceful and well-adjusted environment. The beautiful landscape is encircled by the astonishing atmosphere of the Taurus Mountains, Pine trees, accompanied by the mellifluous Mediterranean climate.
Players can also enjoy the warm night climate of Belek, as the Aspendos Golf Course consists of Floodlight Golf on the back 9. When combined with the perfect temperature of Antalya, night golf at the Cullinan Links Golf Club provides an exquisite opportunity for golf lovers to play under the stars.
Course Information:

Par: 71
Renovated by: Martin Hawtree, European Golf Design 
Active since: 2022
Tee Information:
White 5,463 metres
Yellow 4,998 metres
Red 4,398 metres

This exciting 18-hole course is surrounded by rivers and ponds, which results in stunning scenery. The river conquers over the majority of lands and mountains, resulting in a pleasant but hazardous experience for players. The varying environment is an exclusive opportunity for golfers to build upon their flexibility and experience, in pursuit of becoming better players. 
A calming view of the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the Taurus mountains on the other, the Olympos Golf Course delivers a sense of tranquillity and a requisite experience for all golf lovers.

Course Information:

Par : 71
Renovated by: Martin Hawtree, European Golf Design
Active since: 2022
Tee Information:
White 5,641 metres
Yellow 5,246 metres
Red 4,737 metres

The Cullinan Links Golf Club also offers specialist golf lessons by PGA Professionals for all types of golf lovers, an exceptional opportunity for players who want to improve their game.

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